Make Up Store Cashmere Collection 2013


This is the look of a woman who best embodies pared-down style. Her inimitable reductive touch is capable of turning something as ordinary as a plain white shirt into such an object of rightness that it seems to summon the best of luxury ideals. But she is as equally comfortable carrying in a gem-stoned evening dress.

The classic colours in the “Cashmere” collection bring it back to Earth and re-establish continuity with Make Up Store’s history and knowledge in makeup; the soft powder brush and the luxurious Cashmere bag, embodies the look. Transforming a face is ultimately about curves and architecture, that is how it always been, and it’s something Make Up Store respect. Soft as she may appear, you do not go to her for a soft and pretty point of view.

The faces and gestures that jump from this look are strong, direct and confident – studies in personality that zero in on intelligence and complexity. The Cashmere-woman is a feminist that believes in women. She’s not frilly, it’s all about honesty and conviction. If you ask her, strength is the greatest elegance.

Make Up Store Cashmere Collection 2013 October

Microshadow (140 SEK)

  • Vanilla
  • Spruce
  • Sophisticated
  • Design

Liquid Eyeliner

  • Black

Eyelashes (135 SEK)

  • Brown Feather

Slim Lipstick (175 SEK)

  • Matte #402

Lip Pencil (135 SEK)

  • Graceful

Nailpolish (130 SEK)

  • Andreas

Nail Deco Caviar (95 SEK)

  • Dark Green

Powder Brush (235 SEK)

  • Beige

Finns att köpa: Hos Make Up Store from Oktober 2013.

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MUS-Cashmere-Collection-Eyeliner_LiquidEyeliner_blackLiquid Eyeliner

MUS-Graceful_LippencilGraceful Lippencil

MUS-Cashmere-SlimLipstick402MatteSlim Lipstick 402

Andreas_Nailpolish_Cashmere-CollectionAndreas Nailpolish

DarkGreen_NailDecoCaviar-MUS-CashmereNail Deco Caviar

MUS-Cashmere-Sophisticated-MSSophisticated Microshadow

MUS-Cashmere-Spruce-MSSpruce Microshadow

MUS-Cashmere-Vanilla-MSVanilla Microshadow

MUS-Design_Microshadow_183616Design Microshadow

Beige_PowderBrush_MUS-CashmerePowder Brush Beige

Cashmere_BagsCashmere Bag

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  1. Jag älskar detta, bilden, kollektionen, modellen, naglarna och såklart att hon är feminist vilket alla kvinnor med någon form av intelligens borde vara.

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