Nyhet! Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin + fler nyanser Gloss Embrace & Lipsticks

Lisa Eldridge Spring/Summer Collection 2021
Lisa Eldridge Spring/Summer Collection 2021

Idag lanseras Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin — en ny beautylinje och välkommet tillskott bland hennes läppstift — en serie med highlighter och blush och fler nyanser till Gloss Embrace och Luxuriosly Lucent Lip Colours.

Finns att förbeställa 29/5 kl 17:00 svensk tid hos lisaeldridge.com!

Gå direkt till produktbilderna.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enlivening Blush (£24)

A non comedogenic formula that glides on to the skin effortlessly and sets to a finish which is ’skin like’ (not too dewy or shiny and not too matte). Launching in six shades it is suffused with lifting, blurring, protective and antioxidant skincare ingredients.

  • Pink Soap
  • Dante’s Dream
  • Pink Poetry
  • Mountain Walk
  • Island Glow
  • Venetian Red

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Elevated Glow Highlighter (£27)

Elevated Glow Highlighter is designed to add an amplified luminous glow to the high points of the face whilst whilst simultaneously delivering some serious skin benefits and a subtle lifting, tightening and smoothing effect.. An ingenious glow/skincare hybrid with subtle skin tightening and smoothing effect. A skincare hybrid formula packed with hydrating, elasticising, lifting and moisturising actives. This Cruelty Free product is Vegan and free from Parabens, Talc, Fragrance, Gluten, Nylon 12, D6 and D5.

  • Crystal Nebula
  • Cosmic Rose
  • Solar Light
  • Celestial Fire

Lisa Eldridge Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss (£18)

’The first drop of these sold out in 45 minutes!’ Now the range is back with four new summer shades. Available in 10 shades.

  • Affair
  • Songbird
  • Delilah
  • Charm
  • Ribbon
  • Myth
  • Muse
  • Go Lightly
  • Blush
  • Beauty

Lisa Eldridge Luxuriousy Lucent Lip Colour (£26)

’Choose from my-lips-but-better shades to brights,’ says Lisa. Expect semi-sheer coverage with a satin finish. Available in seven shades.

  • Dance Card
  • Kitten Mischief
  • Spirited Away
  • Rose Official
  • Painterly
  • Atomic Cherry
  • Love Of My Life
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