Kjaer Weis Compact Foundation

Kjaer Weis Compact Foundation

Kjaer Weis Compact Foundation

New York, NY -August, 2013- Kjær Weis cosmetics announces the addition of Foundation to their innovative line of organic luxury makeup.

This newest offering is a solid form Foundation, available in 5 shades. (Additional colors are in development and will be released at a later date.) The Foundation is the perfect extension to the current line; customers can now create a complete “Kjaer Weis look” with the existing Lip Tint, Cream Blush, Mascara and Eyeshadow. As with earlier products, the initial purchase includes the signature silver “KW” compact, and is meant to be used with the Kjær Weis refill system.
The compact foundation features a silky, creamy texture that leaves a poreless, porcelain finish, perfect alone or as a base for a Kjær Weis Cream Blush. It was created to provide easy, buildable coverage; the wearer can apply just a little bit for a translucent look, or layer on more for a finish opaque enough to cover even signs of rosacea.

“This foundation just melts into the skin.” says founder Kirsten Kjær Weis. For best results, application with the Kjær Weis Foundation Brush is recommended. (Brush is sold separately.)

This product is Certified Organic, and features the following key ingredients:
• Sweet Almond Seed Oil, a natural emollient used to moisturize and promote skin elasticity
• Coco Oil, a natural moisturizer for the skin
• Jojoba Seed Oil, rich in fatty acids that promote skin elasticity and reduces signs of aging.

A cult favorite of both natural and conventional beauty fans, Kjæar Weis is known for bridging the gap between organic and luxury markets, while maintaining uncompromising standards in quality, performance, and design.

Finns att köpa: Lanseras i mitten/slutet av november 2013. Pris 615 SEK / 385 SEK refill. Kjaer Weis kan köpas online hos Swedish Beauty Factory.

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