NOTD Kubiss No 59 & IsaDora Apricot

Kubiss 59, IsaDora 123 Apricot

NOTD Kubiss Cosmetics Nail Polish No 59 & IsaDora

Jag har grundat med Kubiss Ridge Filler och sedan lackat Kubiss No59 med 3 tunna lager. Sedan topplackade jag med IsaDoras Perfect Nail Polish i 123 Apricot. Så inte överdrivet svårt att fixa en oljestänkt look.

Kubiss hittar du hos LYKO

Se lacken….

Kubiss 59, IsaDora 123 Apricot, Kubiss Ridge Filler Kubiss Ridge Filler, Kubiss No 59, IsaDora Perfect Nail Polish 123 Apricot

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En kommentar till “NOTD Kubiss No 59 & IsaDora Apricot”

  1. I have just come across your blog and would like to make contact with you to discuss you feelings and thoughts on the Kubiss brand and possibly cooperating in the future,

    My name is Thomas Byrnes, and I’m the Business Development Manager for Pascalle Cosmetics who owns and manufactures the Kubiss Range

    Due to the very high popularity of Kubiss in Sweden we have decided to expand our export program and our now putting much more thought and care into how we are presenting our brand. In the next few months we will be having a large amount of new product launches as we restyle our Mascaras, Lipgloss and compacts as part of our Kubiss London Relaunch program. Please check out our FB showing how this would look.

    However to do this correctly it would be good for me to get as much feedback on what people like about our brand and what we could look to change.

    It would be very good to open discussion with you and get your thoughts


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